About Me

Everyday life

My daily routine is normally prepare breakfast, do a little bit of exercise, mainly just push-up and pull-ups (4 times a week) and then get on the laptop to start working. Or if the bulb is faulty, I will replace the bulb – Handyman in training.

I enjoy horror & thriller in Netflix. My diet are mostly planned, and I have actually created an app for my daily diet. However, during the days I am not on planned meals, I will eat almost anything – KFC, Pizza and random food.

past activities

how i started being a webmaster

I had an interest in blogging and later I decided to design my own blog template. The process of designing my own blog template helps to build up my html foundation. 

Soon later, I found out that html was rather tedious if you want to have consistent look. I explore php to create a standard header and footer. 

With PHP knowledge, I began writing web applications such as dynamic pricing tool, mailing list, pranking tools and more. As I notice there are demands for different types of tool, I decided to develop web application and sell them.

As I am selling, I learn about digital marketing, where I began exploring PPC, SEO, Google analytics, Facebook advertising, copywriting, A/B testing and press releases. With the knowledge, I began selling simple SEO services when I was still a student at Republic Polytechnic.

Even though I have obtained several skillsets, 70% of the time, I spent on writing web application and development. I create web applications to automate my marketing instead of doing everything manually.

The motivation was to explore how I can possibly pay for my own studies and help my parent financially.

Jianbi eitan butcher.

Want to get to know me?

I am always opened for opportunities, networking, partnership or just casual chat at McDonald or KFC. Feel free to beep me if you are keen to treat me food.